We’ve all been there, you finally get a minute to sit down and stream a favorite movie and for some unknown reason, your Wi-Fi just will not connect. It’s frustrating, confusing, and simply does not make sense. Our team has identified the top 5 reasons that your Wi-Fi may seem to be working against you:

  1. Physical Barriers – Wi-Fi signals travel in a wave, and when something gets in the way of that wave, it can disrupt your signal and cause trouble. One of the worst culprits for disrupting your signal is metal. Metal causes the signal to bounce and reflect at itself rather than continuing to travel out from the router. Other barriers that are difficult for Wi-Fi to travel through are concrete, brick, and mirrors. These hard surfaces can all challenge your Wi-Fi signal.
  2. Bluetooth Devices – Just like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth sends out a signal. Sometimes the signal from Bluetooth connected devices in your home (think speakers) can cross with the Wi-Fi signal from your router. Like when you throw two separate stones in still water, the waves those stones create will disrupt each other and not allow either to travel out as far. The signals from your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices can affect one another in the same way.
  3. Internet of Things Devices – How many things in your home are connected to your Wi-Fi? Alexa, tablets, gaming consoles and TV’s…when you really think about it and add them up, it often is more than you initially thought. Each of these items is competing with all the others to gain access to your Wi-Fi. As one item gains control of a stronger signal, another may drop.
  4. Appliances – Microwaves, garage door openers, TV’s, cordless phones and even Christmas lights can all interfere with your Wi-Fi signal. Sometimes the solution can be as simple as moving your router further away from one of these problem-causing appliances.
  5. Neighboring Wi-Fi – Have you ever noticed that you sometimes see your neighbor’s Wi-Fi network listed as an option when you are connecting a device? If your device can see their network, their Wi-Fi may be causing yours to be spotty.

With so many things that can interfere with your Wi-Fi signal, no wonder it can be finicky! We know that you have better things to do than spend the day trying to decide what is causing your all-day movie marathon to be interrupted by that dreaded lost Wi-Fi signal. Fortunately, there are things that Mid-Rivers can do to help. Our technicians are trained to hunt out the things that cause your Wi-Fi to struggle and fix them. You deserve a strong Wi-Fi connection this holiday season, and we can help! Call 1-800-452-2288 or chat with us using the chatbox.