Tips to Combat Robocalls

Mid-Rivers is very concerned about the number of suspected illegal and unwanted robocalls our customers receive and their potential harmful impact. Every day, scammers use the telephone to try and trick people out of money or obtain access to personal information.

To help you and your family avoid becoming a victim of unwanted and potentially unlawful robocalls, we encourage all customers to review the FCC’s tips and tools to combat robocalls at

To combat unwanted & illegal robocalls customers can submit information about a suspected robocall or spoofing to

To help reduce the number of illegal robocalls that may originate on our network, Mid-Rivers has implemented a robocall mitigation plan that includes monitoring our network and verifying that calls that originate on our network are from legitimate numbers belonging to a valid Mid-Rivers customer. In line with FCC rules, users of Mid-Rivers’ voice service are prohibited from originating illegal and spoofed robocalls with the intent to defraud, cause harm or wrongly obtain anything of value from the recipient of the call. Violation of these terms can result in suspension or termination of the user’s voice telephone service.

For more information on Mid-Rivers Communication’s robocall mitigation efforts, please contact

Robocall Blocking Service

Robocall Blocking is a calling feature that automatically prevents unwanted robocalls so they don’t ever reach your phone. When Robocall Blocking is enabled on your line, unwanted callers will hear a message stating, “We’re sorry. The party you have dialed is not accepting calls at this time.” This feature is enabled for all Mid-Rivers landline customers by default at no additional charge and works automatically. You may contact us at any time to opt out of this feature.

While the service may not block 100% of unwanted calls, it will significantly reduce the number that get through. It is designed not to block calls from high-volume callers that you still need to receive, like mass announcements from schools or calls from hospitals to confirm appointments.

Some calls may show on your Caller ID as “Potential Spam” followed by a phone number. You can choose to ignore these calls, let the caller leave a message, or answer the call if it is a familiar or expected number.

Mid-Rivers’ Robocall Blocking service includes access to a website that allows telephone subscribers to report a robocall that is a nuisance or fraudulent. You can also report calls that have been blocked or marked as spam that are legitimate calls.

To combat unwanted & illegal robocalls, customers can submit information about a suspected robocall or spoofing to

Enterprises like hospitals and schools can also register your calling profile to help validate the classification of calls you are making. If you are concerned that your legal calls are being blocked or marked as spam, you can go to this site to help validate the classification of your business telephone numbers. We encourage customers who are making legal mass calls to proactively manage your caller reputation by also registering at