The Universal Service Administrative Co. recently released an updated version of the Connect America Fund Map. This interactive map shows the areas across the country where providers like Mid-Rivers Communications have invested in their communities to build better broadband opportunities as part of the Connect America Program.  Mid-Rivers receives support from the Connect America Fund as a participant of the Alternative Connect America Model (A-CAM). The Connect America Fund Map can be found at  

Mid-Rivers’ nearly $200 million rural broadband construction project is being funded in large part by the A-CAM Federal Universal Service support which began in 2016.  Providers who accept A-CAM support are required to meet defined broadband build-out obligations within a specified timeframe. Mid-Rivers was one of the early adopters of this program, recognizing the need to bring high-quality broadband service to rural and remote customers.  This program provided the Cooperative with additional funding to accomplish that goal much more quickly. 

Mid-Rivers is using Fiber to the Premise (FTTP) to meet its A-CAM built-out obligations.  FTTP is the ultimate technology for delivering super-fast broadband Internet directly into people’s homes and businesses.  Instead of using copper or other types of cable, FTTP uses fiber optic cables – long, thin strands of glass about the diameter of a human hair that transmit light signals over long distances – all the way from the Internet service provider’s equipment to the end-user location. 

Locations where broadband was deployed prior to 2016 and locations not eligible for A-CAM support are not shown on the current Connect America Fund map.