Mid-Rivers contractors put plows in the ground in early May to wrap up outstanding 2021 projects and kick off new projects planned for 2022.  Splicing on fiber constructed in 2021 is continuing in Roundup and will then move on to West Sidney and West Glendive.  Subscribers in these areas are being contacted and connected as splicing is completed.

One construction crew will finish the West Glendive project and then move on to Musselshell, a 2022 project connecting 331 locations.  A second crew is working in the western area of the South Wolf Point exchange (332 estimated locations) and will then move on to Lambert.  The Lambert project, which was originally scheduled for 2026, will reach an estimated 177 locations.  A third crew has resumed construction on the Roundup South project which was delayed due to fire danger and other issues last fall.

Mid-Rivers 2022 fiber construction is projected to reach 853 total locations at an estimated cost of $18 million.  Construction is funded in part by the Federal Alternative Connect America Cost Model (ACAM) program, which provides the Cooperative about $13 million annually for broadband expansion through 2028.  In the true Cooperative spirit, the remainder of these projects is funded with member capital, and the proceeds from the sale of wireless operations.