As holiday deals are popping up everywhere, you may be thinking it is time to upgrade to a Smart TV. But is it really worth it?

Our short answer: Yes. Here’s why.

  • Easy Setup. Smart TVs make it easy to get started watching TV. Just plug it in, connect to your Wi-Fi, sign into your account(s) and ta-da, you’re watching TV! Some TVs like the Roku or Google TV even have free viewing channels built in, making the effort required for additional paid streaming services unnecessary.
  • One. Remote. Need we say more? Not only does having a Smart TV eliminate the need for multiple remotes, but the remotes are also VERY simple. Most even have voice control, like this one with built-in Alexa, so finding your favorite movie is as easy as talking. This feature is one of the greatest reasons that a Smart TV is the perfect upgrade even for Grandma & Grandpa.
  • Less cords. Let’s be honest, no one really enjoys sorting through that bundle of cords that resembles a bird’s nest when you set up a TV. Smart TVs only require one cord for power to access a world of entertainment.
  • Multi-purpose. An increasing number of Smart TVs are being equipped with web browsers. Imagine the possibilities of surfing the web on a 4K 50-inch screen!

If you’re not looking for a whole new TV, but still want the Smart TV experience, there are plenty of affordable options for you too. One of our favorites is a Google Chromecast. This simple device allows you to quickly turn any TV with and HDMI port into a Smart TV. It even includes Free Google TV Channels and access to the most popular streaming apps.

Whether you are looking for a complete upgrade, or just an upgraded streaming experience, you can connect your new streaming device without fear on our new Unlimited Wide Open for no more than $79.95/month.