A quality Internet experience is transformational.  Great broadband is life-changing, opening the door to new opportunities in employment, education, entertainment and more.

The ways in which we can best serve you are also transforming, evolving into a focus on your experience, and on meeting your needs during the first contact.  We have learned over the past year that connectivity makes new approaches possible, and that technology can help overcome many challenges.

The sale of our retail cellular operation, combined with advances in connectivity and customer service technology, have changed the way customers use our offices.  To best serve all customers across our 30,000 square miles with skilled and proficient employees, we will not be re-opening our business office lobbies and drive-up windows.  This will allow our employees to focus on meeting your needs during the first call, chat, text, or email, and on giving you their full attention when you contact us.

You may continue to deposit payments in our drop boxes.  If you would like a receipt, please leave us a note on your payment stub.  Receipts can be mailed or emailed upon request.  Please see our Contact Us information for the best ways to reach us for all other needs.

We are still the same local people from your local towns, living in and supporting our local communities, but continually evolving.  Thank you for your business and your continued support.

If you have any questions or concerns, I am glad to visit with any customer at any time.


Michael Candelaria, General Manager/CEO