Many business customers have asked for the ability to set up multiple SmartHub/My Mid-Rivers accounts and to add more contact points for non-billing related account issues. We are excited to announce that both these features are now available!

Multiple SmartHub User Accounts

If more than one person in your organization needs access to your Mid-Rivers online account(s), you can now create individual user accounts for multiple users. Use the “Manage My Registered Accounts” option under My Profile > My Information in SmartHub online to add and manage additional account users.

“Show Frequently Asked Questions” link will guide you through what these additional users can access and other questions you may have. Simply click the green “Add Users” button to create additional SmartHub access accounts for users in your organization.

In the mobile My Mid-Rivers app for iPhone or Android, tap the hamburger menu (three lines) at the top, then tap on Settings > Registered Accounts to add a new Account.

Additional Account Contacts

Business customers have shared with us that different individuals in an organization may need notifications about various types of events related to your Mid-Rivers account. For instance, Accounts Payable employees may need to see Telecom Bill Available Notices, while IT managers need to see notices of planned outages or service problems.

These notification settings can now be customized for different events and for multiple e-mail addresses and text message alerts. In SmartHub online, simply go to Notifications > Manage Contacts to add e-mail addresses and/or text numbers for the individuals who need to receive notifications. Once you have added the contact points, go to Manage Notifications to enroll (or unenroll) each contact point in the various types of notification events listed. Make sure your IT and network contacts are subscribed to “Maintenance Notice” under the “On Demand” category. Be sure to click the “Save Settings” button once you have made all your changes.

If your company’s contact information or notification requirements change, simply log in to SmartHub or the My Mid-Rivers app for iPhone or Android at any time to update your notification details.