In compliance with new Federal rules on Robocall Blocking and Caller ID Authentication, Mid-Rivers has upgraded to a new Robocall Blocking service for all voice customers.

The update has been automatically activated on all Mid-Rivers telephone lines for no additional charge.  It has not been added to lines that customers have previously requested be “opted out” of Robocall Blocking.  Customers can contact us to opt out of the service at any time.

The updated service works automatically, with no configuration required by telephone users. It blocks calls from political campaigns, charities, IRS scams, and more, while allowing more valid calls to come through.

What Has Changed?

Spam / Scam Call Warning Labels

Some calls may now show on your Caller ID as “Potential Spam” followed by a phone number.  Customers may already be familiar with this labeling system from calls you have seen on your mobile phone.  You can choose to ignore these calls, let the caller leave a message, or answer the call if it is a familiar or expected number.

Less Blocking of the Calls You Want

The new service is carefully designed not to block calls from high-volume callers that you still need to receive, like mass announcements from schools or calls from hospitals to confirm appointments.

Robocall Feedback Website

The new service includes access to a website that allows telephone subscribers to report a robocall that is a nuisance or fraudulent.  You can also report calls that have been blocked or marked as spam that are legitimate calls.

Enterprises like hospitals and schools can also use this site to help validate the classification of calls you are making.  If you are concerned that your legal calls are being blocked or marked as spam, you can go to this site to help us validate the classification of your business telephone numbers.