Mid-Rivers offers Lifeline low-income assistance to qualifying residential subscribers with discounts of $9.25 per month on qualifying Internet or bundles. Larger discounts are available to qualifying customers on Tribal Lands.

Customers must qualify through the National Verifier to become eligible to receive the Lifeline discounts. All Lifeline customers must re-certify every year before the anniversary date of their enrollment. The government will contact customers prior to their recertification date with a reminder. If you confirm you are eligible for Lifeline, please contact us to begin your discounts.

In most communities, our Wide Open Internet plan is offered to Lifeline subscribers. Wide Open provides the fastest speed possible at the customer’s location for $19.95 per month plus $0.20/GB of monthly data usage UP TO a total of $79.95, less the $9.25 Lifeline discount. In certain areas where speeds may be limited, Lifeline subscribers are offered our highest-performing service plan of at least 4M/1M. Your location must be capable of at least 4M/1M speeds to be eligible for Lifeline. All deposits and any applicable Internet equipment fees are waived for eligible Lifeline customers. Mid-Rivers also offers our qualifying voice and Internet bundles to Lifeline customers where the customer’s facilities are capable of a qualifying Internet plan.