1. Go to https://mail.midrivers.com/iphone
  2. You will receive a webpage asking you to enter a Profile Name (i.e. Work, Personal) and an email address.
  3. Enter this information and click the “Download Setup” button.
  4. Click Continue when prompted.
  5. Another page, almost exactly like the first, will populate. Enter the same Profile Name and email address as before and select the “Download Setup” button.
  6. Click Allow when prompted.
  7. Click Close when you receive the Profile Downloaded prompt.
  8. Select Done in the upper left corner.
  9. Go into your Settings and select the Profile Downloaded option that shows just underneath your iCloud information.
  10. Select the downloaded profile “Mid-Rivers Communications.”
  11. Select “Install” in the upper right corner.
  12. Input your phone passcode (if applicable).
  13. Click install on the bottom prompt.
  14. You’ll be prompted now to enter your email address password; after it is entered, select next in the upper right corner.
  15. You will be brought back to the Profile page with a Profile Installed message – select Done in the upper right corner.
  16. To verify your email address was successfully added, open your Mail app.
  17. If you have more than one mailbox on your IOS devices, you’ll need to go to the Mailboxes view to see it has added and it will show “Email Account” in the list.