* You can click on the images below to see larger version.

Step 1

Open the email client app on your phone & select “Other” account. You should then see a screen that looks similar to the one below.

Enter your Mid-Rivers email address and password and tap “Manual Setup.” You should then see the below options.

Step 2

Select “IMAP Account” then the email client will then make it’s best guess at the appropriate settings.

Step 3

Update the settings to the correct server settings shown below.

Incoming Mail Server: mail.midrivers.com

Security Type: SSL

Port: 993

Step 4

Update the outgoing mail settings to the correct settings as shown below.

Outgoing Mail Server: mail.midrivers.com

Security Type: TLS

Port: 587

Click “Next” The next two steps can be personalized to your preference.

Your Mid-Rivers email should now be fully set up on your mobile Android device.

If you are still having trouble receiving your emails on your mobile device, or need additional help please call us at 1-800-452-2288.