TV Options


Mid-Rivers cable TV service will end December 31, 2023. See a copy of the full customer notice here.

Mid-Rivers Internet and telephone services will NOT be affected. In fact, this change will allow us to focus on staying ahead of your broadband needs and making sure all our communities across 30,000 square miles have the essential, robust broadband Internet services they need to survive and thrive.

Details on the other options available to you are provided here, and you can also contact us at any time to discuss your video options with our knowledgeable representatives.


DISH & DirecTV (AT&T) both offer services throughout the area, including packages with local channels and solutions for apartments and other multi-unit facilities. If you have been told your building or rental does not allow satellite dishes, please contact Mid-Rivers with the details of your situation to see if we can help.

If you decide to go with Dish or DirecTV, please do not let their installer use our coaxial cable line. If we have to send our technician to fix your Internet or re-run another line because it was used for a satellite dish install, a $125 premise visit fee will apply. Satellite installers should not be using our line or plugging anything into your existing Mid-Rivers Internet devices (such as your router). If you have Mid-Rivers Internet and/or phone service, make sure they are still working before any TV installers leave.

Mid-Rivers does not have partnerships or referral agreements with satellite companies or any other TV providers. Beware of scams and contact them at their listed telephone numbers or official websites only.

Montana-based Dish or DirecTV satellite installers in the area can be reached at:

Fairview, Glendive, Miles City & Sidney – 406-880-7529

Lewistown (can also do all the other towns) – 406-728-9999


Streaming your video over a broadband Internet connection is now a mainstream option. More than 8 in 10 households in the U.S. subscribe to at least one streaming service. Streaming allows you to create your own customized lineup. Watch Live TV, video on demand, or both. Our technicians are available to help with streaming setup and training during this transition – contact us now to ask for help if you need it!

  • Local channels are available in this area on streaming services like YouTubeTV, NewsON, STIRR, Hulu+ and others.
  • Live sports are now widely available through a variety of streaming platforms.
    • ESPN+ has a huge selection of streaming live sports, no traditional pay TV subscription (cable TV or satellite) required.
    • Streaming is now the ONLY way to watch local high school sports and other Montana high school events on the NFHS Network. You can stream NFHS on any mobile device (like smartphones & tablets) and most TV streaming platforms (Roku, Google TV, Apple TV & more).
    • The National Finals Rodeo (NFR) streams on The Cowboy Channel and RFD-TV, available in SlingTV’s Heartland Extras (choose the Orange and/or Blue and then Heartland Extras in Add-Ons) or through The Cowboy Channel Plus App annual subscription.
    • Big Sky Conference events including Cat & Griz games stream on FuboTV.


What’s better than free!? Many digital broadcast TV networks and subchannels – the programming many of us probably watch most – are available FREE over the air using an antenna. Many are available in High Definition (HD). You can purchase indoor and outdoor antennas at many local hardware stores and online.

Use your TV’s menu options to scan for available channels. In this region, free channels available over the air may include (depending on your specific location, your equipment, and other factors):


  • KXGN-CBS 5.1 Glendive
  • KXGN-NBC 5.2 Glendive


  • KRTV-CBS 3.1
  • The CW 3.2
  • GRIT 3.3
  • ion TELEVISION 3.4
  • LAFF 3.5
  • KFBB-ABC 5.1
  • KFBB-FOX 5.2
  • KFBB-SWX 5.3

*Channels in this area may be difficult to receive with an indoor antenna, an outdoor antenna will be a more reliable option.

Miles City

  • KTVQ-CBS 2.1 Billings
  • The CW 2.2
  • GRIT 2.3
  • Defy 2.4
  • NEWSY 2.5
  • KYUS-NBC 3.1 Miles City
  • KULR HD 3.2
  • KHMT-FOX 4.1
  • Court TV 4.2
  • LAFF 4.3
  • ion TELEVISION 4.4
  • KULR-NBC 8.1 Billings
  • KULR-SWX 8.2


  • KWSE-PBS 4.1 Williston
  • PBS World 4.2
  • MN Channel 4.3
  • Learning Channel 4.4
  • KUMV-NBC 8.1 Williston
  • MeTV 8.2
  • KXND-FOX 8.3 Williston
  • KXMD-CBS 11.1 Williston
  • The CW 11.2
  • LAFF 11.3
  • Court TV Mystery 11.4

Channels listed above may change or may be found at different numbers depending on your TV and other factors.

Streaming Guide

Streaming TV can seem complicated, but many streaming devices and services are easier to use than your set-top cable box & remote!

To start streaming, you simply need an Internet connection and a SmartTV or other device with streaming capabilities. You may already have both if you have a newer TV set and a service Bundle!


Smart TV

Many newer flat-screen TV’s come with streaming capabilities already installed. If you can see apps like Netflix or Roku in your TV’s menu, it is a Smart TV. Smart TV’s have an app store just like a smartphone where you can download streaming services.

Other Streaming Devices

If your TV doesn’t already have streaming, or you are looking for a streaming app that isn’t available on your Smart TV, you can purchase a device that plugs into the USB port on your TV set. Google Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, XBOX and PlayStation are commonly used streaming devices.

Ask us about getting a FREE streaming device so you can start watching today!


A Mid-Rivers Internet Connection

If you are in a service bundle, you should already have it – a fast, reliable Wi-Fi connection with plenty of speed for any streaming service and device!

Free or Paid Streaming Services

Free live local TV. Live Montana High School events. Huge libraries of old Westerns. Every episode of your favorite TV series. Classic sitcoms and movies on demand. There are SO MANY options, the only problem is what to watch first!

Start by checking out apps already installed on your Smart TV or streaming device.

Then use these online tools to find the services that carry the shows and movies you want to watch:

Compares billions of combinations of TV services and finds the best for you.

Answer a few questions to receive a personalized live TV recommendation with the channels you actually want to watch.

A library of links to popular streaming services in our area.

Important Switching Tips

  • Choose a reputable provider. If it seems too good to be true, or you are uncomfortable with pushy sales tactics, don’t let them talk you into something you don’t want.
  • Consider cutting the Pay-TV cord. You don’t need a traditional cable or satellite TV subscription to stream video.
  • Understand what you are buying. Some TV providers may try to sell you inferior Internet service or switch your Internet or phone services without your knowledge.
  • If you have Mid-Rivers Internet and/or phone service, make sure they are still working before any TV installers leave. Service charges may apply for Mid-Rivers to fix wiring issues caused by another provider connecting services.

Our representatives are available Monday-Friday from 7AM to 6PM at 1-800-452-2288 to review options with you and help make changes to your services.